When the Lion Roars by DiAnn MillsWhen the Lion Roars by Diann Mills                                                                                   reviewed by Laura Domino

This is a story of passion. Passion for a country and a people in pain. Passion for children in a war-torn place. Passion for a God who leads heroes into desperate, dangerous places and provides their protection.

And it is the story of one woman who is brave enough to stay in a country not her own.

When Paul Farid lands a plane packed with food and medical supplies in war-ravaged Sudan, he is surprised to learn that his contact, Dr. Larson Kerr, is a woman – a light-haired American woman.

With the dying and wounded all around her, Dr. Kerr’s days are brightened only by two Sudanese children, inspiring sixteen-year-old Rachel and protective twelve-year-old Nyok, who help her in the straw-roofed medical clinic.

Dr. Kerr discovers much about herself as she attempts to fight off the God she once knew. But what secret from Dr. Kerr’s past continues to torment her? And will Colonel Ben Alier of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, a man who hates Paul Farid because of his past, tell her of Paul’s true identity?

Although I knew nothing about Sudan before reading this book, Mills’ colorful imagery brought this African nation to life for me. I could almost smell the “cup of hot sweetened karkaday tea, made from a variety of crushed hibiscus.”

DiAnn Mills has told a gripping story. One I hope will stir up support for today's heroes. For the men and women who are brave enough to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those living in war zones. Many still fight to survive the danger which lurks in the darkness, but God's light shines when the lion roars.

I recommend this book – a very worthwhile read.

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