Fiesta Moon by Linda WindsorFiesta Moon by Linda Windsor                                                                                           reviewed by Vennessa Ng

Warning: This book contains a laugh a minute!

I knew from the first few pages that I would love this book. Drawn by Linda Windsorís beautiful writing, clever wit, and engaging characters, it didnít take long to devour Fiesta Moon. I hadnít read the first of the Moonstuck Series, Paper Moon, but it wasnít necessary and it didnít stop me enjoying this book immensely.

Fiesta Moon follows Mark Madison into what he dubs the Twilight Zone. When convicted of a DUI, his brother, Blaine, bails him out and hands him a Get-out-of-jail-free card in the form of a building project in Mexico. Arriving was just the start of his problems Ė when a piglet seemingly adopts him.

For Corinne Diaz it was a ĎGod thingí that she found herself in Mexicali helping at the orphanage. But then Mark arrives. Memories of their last meeting fill her with trepidation when she realizes he is in charge of rebuilding her beloved orphanage.

According to DoŮa Violeta, the townís wealthy patroness, a fiesta moon is any that stirs the heart. But Mark soon discovers that stirring Corinneís heart isnít going to be as easy as winning over a piglet. Corinne doesnít believe in second chances.

A murdered child, ghostly sightings, and Aztec voodoo, all interwoven through this love story, make this a compelling read.

For those in need of romance and humor Ö get moonstruck!

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